IA-Foundation against Rape

IA-Foundation against Rape

The team at IA-Foundation has taken some time to reflect on the recent increase in publicised incidents of rape in Nigeria and how we can meaningfully address this systemic problem. We are concerned on the impact to the educational successes of children and young people, especially the ‘out-of-school’ girl-child.

The move by National Assembly (NASS) to amend the respective penal and criminal codes to provide stiffer penalties for the crime of rape and brutality against the girl child and women is highly commendable. The matter is serious enough as to attract the attention of the Federal Government at its Federal Executive Council meeting headed by President Buhari on 10th June 2020.

The average girl-child in Nigeria is obviously becoming petrified to live and go out, especially to school, when school eventually resumes. This brutality may impact them for the rest of their lives with ancillary consequences on their confidence, dignity, and self-esteem. This needs to stop.

It is IA- Foundation’s vision that every child regardless of their background and gender can make the most of education, unlocking their potential and creating a fairer society. We recognise our responsibility in dismantling the systematic barriers to education and we encourage everyone to support our vision.

We therefore plan to roll out awareness induction in schools we are partnering with, by sponsoring safeguarding training for teachers and the girl-child. Education including rape education remains another tool
for combating this plague.

IA-Foundation stand in solidarity with the girl-child.

10th June 2020