IA-Foundation CEO/Founder appointed to the board of UK International charity

Mrs Ronke Adeagbo

Mrs Ronke ADEAGBO, a chartered accountant and CEO/Founder of IA-Foundation,has been appointed to the board of an international Charity/NGO called Streetinvest as Treasurer.

Streetinvest is an organisation that exist to improve street children’s lives around the world.
The chairman of Streetinvest board, Cees Kramer said ‘Ronke would be a brilliant addition to Streetinvest. He said Ronke is a well rounded quintessential accountant with integrity and credibility and would add value to Streetinvest strategic growth. Especially, at a time that the organisation is planning to grow its activities and impact in more countries in the world.
Ronke said she was pleased to be joining the board of Streetinvest as their treasurer. She said with the experience she has acquired as CEO of IA-Foundation, would be transferable to Streetinvest. Ronke is very passionate about ensuring children on the street are equipped with the necessary skills to reduce poverty, increase social mobility and human capital indices. She further went on to say, this role would enable her to socially invest in the lives of children all over the world.

The IA-Foundation extends her best wishes.

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