IA-Foundation sponsors 20 out-of-school in Oshodi, Lagos

IA-Foundation sponsors 20 out-of-school in Oshodi, Lagos

We are super excited to announce that another 20 out-of-school children in Oshodi have been taken off the street and enrolled in a standard school.

These kids are a mix of abandoned children, children of widows, unemployed and unskilled parents, and orphans.

One striking case among all these kids is that of a very beautiful young girl (name withheld) whose mother abandoned her at the daycare and never returned again. The family that took responsibility for the child was unable to afford her education until IA-Foundation’s intervention.

Another striking case is another child who was abandoned. In fact, it is the school proprietress that named the child as there was no known identity for her.

These children are very very happy and we are also excited as an organization that we are putting smiles and birthing hopes for children who think nobody cares about them.

They are now in school as you can see from the picture. Those who are in mufti do not have uniforms yet, but it is already in production.

There are still over 20.2 million children out there and you can make that difference in their lives. Click on the link in the Bio to donate or transfer funds to the account details below.

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We thank all our donors and partners. We could not have done this without your support and kindness. These are your success stories and proof that your kind donations are making an impact on the lives of people.

We are always available to explain and answer any questions that you may have. Send an email to info@ia-foundation.org or call John on 08168954124

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