Roducate E-learning devices

Roducate E-learning devices

IA-Foundation is partnering with Roducate, an innovative research and development company to use technology to address social problems in Nigeria. The mission of the partnership is to bring excellent curriculum-based education to every child in Nigeria, no matter where the child lives.

Roducate devise is the most comprehensive mobile learning platform. It has the West African Curriculum, Curriculum from Primary 1 to SSS3, lecture notes, assignments, videos, podcasts, mock exams for common entrance, GCE, WAEC, JAMB etc, selected University courses and all these is available on the web, iPhone/iPad, Android devices and KaiOS devices.

The beauty of the Roducate e-learning devices is:

  1. An alternative where there are no textbooks readily available; all materials students need to learn is on the app.
  2. Student can learn at their own pace
  3. Curriculum based education
  4. Mobile students can study anywhere
  5. Students can practice what they learn and get immediate feedback
  6. Students can prepare for national exams
  7. Girls can study at home where local culture hampers school attendance
  8. Teachers can use as teaching aid
  9. Available offline

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